Imminent Sonic Destruction – Recurring Themes (2012)

ImminentSonicDestruction_Recurring4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Several years ago in Chicago, I attended a Pain of Salvation concert (primarily to see my buddy’s band Mindwarp Chamber, one of the opening acts). Also on the bill, however, was Imminent Sonic Destruction, a newer band from Michigan that was completely foreign to me. Being impressed by this band’s live performance and its general sound/style, I purchased the debut album, Recurring Themes, the following day.

Thankfully, I was equally impressed by the release—the beautiful melodies and various complexities of the arrangements, not to mention the skillful musicianship and high production values on tracks such as “Here, It’s Over,” “Monster,” and “Temple,” as well as on the lengthier epics “Driving Home,” “Breaking Through” and the magnificent sixteen-minute “Raven”—and am now a true-blue fan of this promising Prog-Metal group.

Late in 2016, I also acquired the band’s newest release (Triumphia), which is also quite impressive, so I hope Imminent Sonic Destruction stays around for a long, long while.

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