Mogg/Way – Edge Of The World (1997)

MoggWay_EdgeWorld4 out of 5 Stars!

During one of UFO’s…hmmm…well, let’s just call them “time-outs”—sounds better than “recovering from a musician meltdown”—singer Phil Mogg and bassist Pete Way recruited ace guitarist George Bellas (Ring Of Fire/Palace Terrace) and legendary drummer Aynsley Dunbar (Journey/Jefferson Starship/Whitesnake) and issued Edge of the World, the first of two collections under the Moog/Way moniker.

Truth be told, however, either release could have easily passed for an album by UFO, which would reform at the end of the decade. So for fans who temporarily missed the “parent group” in the late ’90s for a handful of years, the Moog/Way albums helped to fill the gap. And with the new band even remaking the classic track “Mother Mary” for this album, and the quality of this release even surpassing some of the UFO albums from the early ’90s, the spirit of the “parent band” not only continued, but seemed rejuvenated, so no one experienced too much separation anxiety, I’m sure. I certainly didn’t.

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