Patrick Moraz – The Story Of I (1976)

PatrickMoraz_StoryI4 out of 5 Stars!

During Patrick Moraz’s all-too-brief period as keyboardist with Yes, and just after the band’s extraordinary album Relayer, the band members took time to each record/release their own solo albums. Out of all of them, I enjoyed Patrick’s the most.

The Story Of I, while not sounding anything like Yes (or, for that matter, Moraz’s previous groups, Refugee and Mainhorse), still offered some great Progressive Rock with a Jazz-Fusion flair, and included more of (what I believed) was Patrick’s unique synth sounds amidst songs with complex arrangements, scads of Latin-inspired percussion, a detailed storyline, some poppy vocal melodies, etc.

Unfortunately, Moraz’s subsequent releases were not as impressive or as energetic, and sadly, he soon joined The Moody Blues, where (in my opinion) his extreme talents were completely wasted, with his contributions being relegated more or less to the background.

Regardless, The Story Of I, Moraz’s debut solo effort, should appeal to a lot of Prog-Rock fans, especially those who crave creative keyboard instrumentation and solos.

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