The Magnificent – The Magnificent (2011)

TheMagnificent_14.5 out of 5 Stars!

Knowing this lone album by The Magnificent was created by the team of Michael Eriksen (vocalist from Circus Maximus) and Torsti Spoof (guitarist from Leverage), I purchased it without doing any additional research, simply assuming (based on the talents of the individual members and their previous releases from their associated groups) it would be another high-quality release from a new Prog-Metal band.

But it’s not—it’s actually a high-quality release from a Hard Rock/AOR band that ultimately blew me away!

The Magnificent is, indeed, magnificent, with the band creating some of the finest, catchiest material released in the past decade. Indeed, the chorus to the opening track “Holding On to Your Love” kept ringing through my head for days, as did the melody lines from numerous other tunes on this album. With sizzling guitars, layered keyboards, driving rhythms, and spectacular vocal harmonies, fans of other modern-day Hard Rock/AOR groups with a strong dose of Pomp Rock such as Magnum, Work Of Art, Overland, Find Me, Sunstorm, and Brother Firetribe will undoubtedly enjoy this highly polished release.

I’d love to hear more material from this particular team of individuals, although I suspect this album was simply a one-off project.

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