The Rods – Wild Dogs (1982)

Rods_WildDogs4 out of 5 Stars!

Led by David “Rock” Feinstein (Elf/Feinstein) on guitar/vocals, The Rods emerged in the early ’80s, yet didn’t seem to gain much press coverage in America, despite the trio being from New York State. Instead, the band achieved notoriety in U.K. magazines such as Kerrang!, thus getting lumped into the “New Wave Of British Heavy Metal” category, despite the band’s origins, and quickly came to my attention.

Wild Dogs, the group’s third album, is perhaps my favorite, a solid collection of hard-hitting and soul-blistering Hard Rock/Heavy Metal tracks, seeming at times almost the American equivalent to Germany’s Accept, yet imbued with catchier pop sensibilities that occasionally reminded me of a metal version of Starz or Slade with a slew of anthemic choruses and underrated guitar gymnastics galore.

Wild Dogs indeed…a rabid album meant to be played f*cking loud!

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