Thunder – Laughing on Judgement Day (1992)

Thunder_JudgementDay4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Formed out of the ashes of the promising late-’80s British group Terraplane, Thunder is a Hard Rock band that has been around since 1990, and continues to release nothing but top-shelf and melodic music in the same realm as Bad Company, Free, Whitesnake, Pink Cream 69, Waysted, Talisman, UFO, and Led Zeppelin.

With Danny Bowes (a high-energy and expressive vocalist with balls and bravado and style) behind the microphone and guitarist Luke Morley providing some powerful riffs, I have been enamored by this band since its debut back in 1990 and continue to support it, especially considering the quality of material has truly not diminished one iota since the early days.

Laughing on Judgement Day, Thunder’s second album, is one of my favorites in the band’s ever-expanding catalogue, especially with tracks such as “Empty City,” “Long Way From Home,” “Flawed to Perfection,” “Feeding the Flame,” and “Baby I’ll Be Gone” being included in this diverse collection of lively, driving, and sometimes moody tunes.

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