Trapeze – You Are the Music…We’re Just the Band (1972)

Trapeze_YouAreTheMusic4.5 out of 5 Stars!

After the excellent, hard-hitting Medusa release, Trapeze expanded its overall sound/style a bit. On this follow-up studio album—its third and the last to feature bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes before he joined up with Deep Purple for 1974’s Burn—the band added a great deal of “slamming funk,” a “hint of jazz,” and a “whisper of country” to several tracks.

Nevertheless, enough songs harkened back to Medusa‘s sheer Hard Rock power, such as “Loser,” “Way Back to the Bone,” and “Feelin’ So Much Better Now,” so the trio’s slight change in direction wasn’t too startling for most fans. And for this album, Trapeze also recorded perhaps one of the most breathtaking ballads in rock ‘n’ roll history, the magnificent “Coast To Coast,” which basically became Glenn Hughes’s “signature song” throughout his continuing four-plus-decades career.

In my opinion, You Are the Music…We’re Just the Band is probably the most enjoyable Hard Rock/Heavy Funk albums of all time, which I still play on a regular basis, with one of the most outstanding, jaw-dropping vocalists in rock history at the helm.

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