Warhorse – Red Sea (1972)

Warhorse_RedSea4 out of 5 Stars!

With Warhorse including Nick Simper, Deep Purple’s original bassist, it’s no great shock that the band sounds similar (eerily so) to Purple itself. Indeed, Warhorse seems almost a cross between Purple’s MK1 and MK3 line-ups—MK1 because the music is a melding of Bluesy Hard Rock and Heavy Prog and has a production quality that reminds me of DP’s self-titled third album, and MK3 since the vocalist, Ashley Holt, has a gruff tone akin to David Coverdale.

Regardless, fans of early Deep Purple will probably enjoy either Warhorse’s self-titled debut, or Red Sea, the sophomore (and final) release, which sounds a tad more progressive to my ears.

Additionally, fans of Bloodrock and Birth Control will also find much to savor, thanks to the Hammond-rich arrangements, the overall guitar style, and Ashley Holt’s forceful vocals.

Note: If hunting for this album, be certain to locate a copy of the “remastered” version, which contains six enjoyable bonus tracks of unreleased material.

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