White Wolf – Standing Alone (1984)

WhiteWolf_StandingAlone4 out of 5 Stars!

After I purchased White Wolf’s debut album back in ’84, I remember thinking at the time how this Canadian band, on tracks such as “Homeward Bound,” seemed to be mimicking the sound of Deep Purple with the dual vocal team of David Coverdale & Glenn Hughes, whereas on other tracks (where the keyboards are more “pomp,” more dominant) I immediately thought of the similarly named White Sister, which released its own debut album the same year.

Now, whether White Wolf strove to create these two comparisons was intentional or not (doubtful when it comes to the latter possibility, but certainly likely with the former), the band nevertheless made me a fan of its music.

Therefore, for admirers of “old school” melodic Hard Rock such as those bands mentioned above, along with groups such as Axe, Pretty Maids, Magnum, Europe, etc., you may want to seek out this rather obscure album and add it to your collections.

Get The Album Now!

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