Rondinelli – Our Cross, Our Sins (2002)

Rondinelli_OurCross4.5 out of 5 Stars!

With drummer Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow) at the helm, it’s no surprise his band does indeed deliver music in a similar style as his previous group with Ritchie Blackmore. Yet with both bassist Neil Murray (Whitesnake/Black Sabbath) and vocalist Tony Martin (Black Sabbath/Giuntini Project) also part of this album’s stellar line-up, the ’70s Metal sound is further enhanced with Black Sabbath influences, and again, considering the men involved, it’s not unexpected.

Each of the tunes on Our Cross, Our Sins, including “The Meaning of Evil,” “It’s a Lie,” “Time,” “Naughty Dragon,” “Dawn,” “Find the One,” “Midnight Hour,” and the title track, are killers, featuring ultra-heavy guitar riffs and solos (thanks to Teddy Rondinelli), occasionally embellished with some light keyboard touches (supplied by Dorothy Rondinelli), making for a “family affair” of sorts, and seemed a commendable merging of Black Sabbath with Rainbow.

Overall, this is a highly professional and enjoyable release that should certainly appeal to fans of (no great shock) Rainbow, Black Sabbath, or many of their offshoot groups!

So…”Black Rainbow” anyone?

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