Ten Years After – A Space in Time (1971)

TenYearsAfter_SpaceTime4.5 out of 5 Stars!

It’s nostalgia that plays a large part in me declaring this album to be Ten Years After’s finest achievement. Too many memories of special places, people, and events are locked up in this album, and each track brings numerous recollections to mind. So for me personally, this album puts me in A Space in Time…indeed.

Although 1970’s Cricklewood Green may be superior in several respects, it’s the beautiful melding of both electric and acoustic sections on A Space in Time that makes it truly special to my ears.

“One of These Days,” “I’d Love to Change the World,” “Hard Monkeys,” “Let The Sky Fall,” “Here They Come,” etc…each and every song is memorable, and I love the album’s overall production and studio experimentation.

Therefore, A Space in Time is the reason I fell in love with this influential band back in the early ’70s and it still remains my favorite.

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