United Progressive Fraternity – Fall in Love With the World (2014)

UPF_FallInLove4.5 out of 5 Stars!

After the sad demise of Unitopia, one of the more promising Prog-Rock bands of the past ten years, a new group thankfully emerged almost immediately, one equally as enjoyable and professional.

Basically, United Progressive Fraternity (or UPF for short) is a “supergroup,” seeing as it includes the likes of keyboardist/woodwind player Marek Arnold (Toxic Smile/Cyril/Seven Steps to the Green Door), guitarist/keyboardist Guy Manning (The Tangent) and vocalist Mark Truey Trueack, guitarist Matt Williams, and percussionists David Hopgood and Tim Irrgang (Unitopia).

The music on Fall in Love With the World, UPF’s stunning debut album, should appeal to fans of any of the aforementioned groups or those in a similar vein. And for those Prog-Rock lovers who savor extended tracks, look no further than “Travelling Man (The Story of ESHU),” an epic of more than twenty-one minutes that incorporates a variety of moods, tempos, melodies, and outstanding instrumentation.

Now I’m praying UPF stays active for many, many years and releases more material in the near future.

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