Stargazery – Eye on the Sky (2011)

Stargazery_EyeOnSky4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Stargazery is a promising band from Finland that plays powerful Symphonic Rock/Metal, reminding me at times of Jorn, Masterplan, Rainbow, and Firewind, with a touch Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath thrown in for good measure. Heck, the band even does a commendable cover of Sabbath’s “Headless Cross” as the album’s “bonus” track.

Whether on the upbeat, blaring tracks such as “Eye on the Sky,” “Jester of Kings,” “Dying,” “Puppet on a String,” or on the mid-tempo “Judah (The Lion)” or the power ballad “Every Time I Dream of You,” the sound is always full and dastardly, with both layered guitars and symphonic keyboards creating a rich backdrop for the catchy vocal melodies.

And speaking of the vocals, for fans of Michael Schenker, Stargazery includes the gifted Jari Tiura, lead singer on Tales of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the 2006 release from MSG.

Regardless, Eye on the Sky delivers nothing truly new in the world of Heavy Metal, but what’s included on this debut album is done quite well, and fans of the aforesaid groups may want to investigate Stargazery when seeking more Symphonic-Metal material to add to your music libraries.

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