Mona Lisa – Vers Demain (1979)

MonaLisa_VersDemain3.5 out of 5 Stars!

On its fifth album, French band Mona Lisa altered its style a bit, opting to record a selection of only shorter, more-focused tracks instead of balancing them with several extended pieces, which typically occurred on the band’s previous albums.

Yet although the songs on Vers Demain are fairly streamlined, that’s not to say the group didn’t still produce creative material. Indeed, the humorous theatricality the band injects into the various arrangements keeps the songs from getting too commercial or stale.

Instead, what Mona Lisa delivers is still a collection of Symphonic Prog-Rock, but with more of an Art-Rock flavor, similar in approach to groups such as Kayak, Wigwam, Ariel, or City Boy that specialized in including a ton of exciting twists and turns in its instrumentation and tempos, and unexpected orchestration within generally shorter tracks that often possessed almost pop vocal hooks.

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