Pretty Maids – Future World (1987)

PrettyMaids_FutureWorld4.5 out of 5 Stars!

From Denmark, Pretty Maids appeared on the scene in the mid-’80s with a better-than-average collection of hot and heavy tunes that, although not overly special, still showed a band with great promise. Happily enough, Pretty Maids quickly developed its rather unique, identifiable style, and the second effort, Future World (with its eye-catching cover art), blasted out of the gate several years later and clearly displayed a marked improvement over the debut.

Not only did the album’s title track immediately generate a buzz for the band throughout major world markets (with the accompanying video also getting aired on MTV), but Pretty Maids proved it could create an album absolutely crammed with high-quality material, catchy yet storming tracks such as “Love Games,” “Loud ‘n’ Proud,” “Long Way to Go,” “Needles in the Dark,” “Eye of the Storm,” and “Yellow Rain,” that liberally skimmed the borders between the Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, and AOR genres, a style the band continues to employ to this very day.

On Future World, the guitar riffs could be outtakes from albums by Metal groups such as Accept and Iron Maiden, while the often pompish keyboards could come straight off of albums by Magnum and House of Lords, and Ronnie Atkins’s lead vocals, either clean or gruff wherever appropriate, perfectly match the group’s “dual” personalities when it comes to its style.

Unfortunately Pretty Maids never quite “broke” America, but thankfully the band still keeps trying, releasing album after album of top-notch material on a semi-regular basis.

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