Rob Moratti – Victory (2011)

RobMoratti_Victory4 out of 5 Stars!

Talk about killer vocalists…

I first “discovered” Rob Moratti when he stepped in to fill the void left by vocalist Michael Sadler in the legendary Canadian Prog-Rock band Saga for 2009’s The Human Condition album. Sure, the band sounded different without Sadler’s distinctive timbre at the forefront, but nevertheless produced a highly enjoyable album, and more importantly, introduced much of the world (or at least, me) to a singer who possessed a bright, robust, and (more importantly) recognizable voice.

Therefore, when Moratti left Saga after that single album, I prayed it wouldn’t be the last I heard from him, and thankfully, it wasn’t. Indeed, this talented frontman didn’t stay dormant for long, but with the help of musicians such as Reb Beach (Winger/Whitesnake), Tony Franklin (The Firm/Blue Murder), and Christian Wolff (Sub7even), he delivered a damned-impressive album, which he justifiably christened Victory.

Unlike the Saga album, Moratti’s solo debut featured a collection of highly melodic Hard Rock/AOR tracks that easily matched the “catchiness level” of music produced by bands such as Brother Firetribe, Blanc Faces, Find Me, Place Vendome, Bad Habit, Elevener, Giant, or any group that included either the legendary Fergie Fredericksen or Steve Overland on lead vocals.

For fans of the aforementioned bands, as well as those who savor lead vocalists that have the passion and range to send chills of excitement down your shine, then Victory could be right up your alley.

Victory is a well-produced beauty!

(Final note: And do yourself a favor and not only investigate this album and Moratti’s other solo efforts, along with releases by his former band Final Frontier, but also the group Rage of Angels, which luckily now includes Moratti as its “lead voice.”)

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