Savoy Brown – Looking In (1970)

SavoyBrown_LookinIn3.5 out of 5 Stars!

I rather enjoyed this particular line-up of Savoy Brown—one that unfortunately made only a single album—which was basically the future band Foghat with a different lead guitarist (longtime Savoy Brown leader/founder Kim Simmonds, of course). Indeed, several of the bluesy and riffing vocal tunes such as “Poor Girl,” “Take It Easy,” “Looking In,” the lengthy and jamming “Leavin’ Again,” and the laid-back, piano- and congas-enhanced “Money Can’t Save Your Soul” (my favorite on the album) could have easily popped up on Foghat’s debut in 1972 since the musical style between the groups is so often similar.

Anyway, shortly after recording this album, “Lonesome” Dave Peverett (Guitar/Vocals), Roger Earl (Drums), and Tony Stevens (Bass) left the band to create the hugely popular Foghat, and for the next release, Simmonds obviously had to hire a whole new group of musicians, this one featuring Dave Walker on lead vocals (which, in my opinion, ended up being the best, most consistent Savoy Brown line-up of all time).

But as far as Looking In, I like to fondly refer to this particular album as being recorded by “Kimhat,” which contained some of Simmonds’s most tasty fretwork, not only on the aforementioned tracks, but also on the instrumentals “Sitting an’ Thinking” and the funkier “Sunday Night.” It’s not the band’s masterpiece collection—which (to me) would come on the next album Street Corner Talking—but it’s certainly better than average regarding its enjoyability factor, not to mention how it hinted at things to come regarding Foghat. (Plus, it has cool cover art.)

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