Taï Phong – Windows (1976)

TaiPhong_Windows3.5 out of 5 Stars!

France’s Taï Phong (supposedly meaning “great wind” in Vietnamese) appeared on the scene in the mid-’70s to release three albums, then disappeared, only to resurface in 2000 with another album, and then again in 2013 with one more.

Although I’m unfamiliar with both “modern” versions of the band, the ’70s’ version played often beautiful, occasionally dreamy music that seemed heavily influenced by Yes and Flash, Le Orme, Strawbs, and Camel, with a touch of Supertramp and Pink Floyd, and featured a vocalist similar in style and range to Yes’s Jon Anderson (although, during the music’s more energetic moments, he can be a tad shrill when delivering his melody lines too forcefully at higher pitches).

Nevertheless, Windows (the band’s second album) and the self-titled debut platter from the previous year are both highly recommended for fans of Symphonic Prog. On Windows, tracks such as “When It’s the Season,” “Circle,” “The Gulf of Knowledge,” and “St. John’s Avenue” brim over with creativity when it comes to melodies, as well as song arrangements and instrumentation, highly varied in nature, with a nice balance of guitar (both acoustic and electric) and keyboards, while the musicianship is always at a high level.

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