Benedictum – Uncreation (2006)

Benedictum_Uncreation4 out of 5 Stars!

This California band features a terrific singer by the name of Veronica Freeman, who—if the listener didn’t know better—might be justifiably identified as a man due to her deep and forceful tone. Veronica is easily able to give singers like the magnificent Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow/Black Sabbath/Dio) and similar vocalists like Nils Patrik Johansson (Astral Doors/Wuthering Heights) a run for the money, since she matches them in regards to her aggressive power and emotion.

Hell, on this debut album, the band covers both “Heaven And Hell” and “The Mob Rules” by Black Sabbath, and on the next album, “Balls To The Wall” by Accept, and she KILLS on each track!

In short, this woman’s voice sends chills down my spine, and the band’s dense and driving wall of sound on tunes such as “Them,” “Misogyny,” “Valkyrie Rising,” “Ashes To Ashes,” and “Two Steps to the Sun” is pure metal mayhem. Excellent!

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