Goblin – Roller (1976)

Goblin_Roller4 out of 5 Stars!

Although this Italian group was known for creating soundtracks throughout its extensive career, it did release several “normal” albums along the way, and this was the first.

At times, the music on Roller seems perhaps an all-instrumental cross between Gentle Giant, Brand X, Colosseum II, Pink Floyd, and PFM, but with some heavy funk influences popping up on occasion, such as on the track “Snip-Snap,” the band added its own unique stamp on the savory music.

The instrumental prowess Goblin displays is often stunning, and it’s truly a shame the group never achieved wider acclaim. Perhaps Goblin simply didn’t want to complete in the crazy “rock world” and preferred instead to conjure up magnificent film soundtracks. Whatever the case, it’s a shame the band didn’t release more “normal” material over the years like Roller.

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