Coalition – Bridge Across Time (2016)

Coalition_BridgeTime4.5 out of 5 Stars!

From the U.K., the band Coalition released its first album in 2012, and Bridge Across Time, its sophomore collection, in 2016. Although I’ve not heard the debut album so I’m unsure of the band’s growth, Bridge Across Time is indeed an interesting collection of tracks that occasionally brings to mind several other Neo-Prog groups such as The Flower Kings, Transatlantic, IQ, Leap Day, and It Bites, especially the latter two groups due to some welcome “wackiness.”

For example, the way the band incorporated strange horn accents and what sounds like Kurzweil-sampled “background vocals” on the song “Labyrinth,” or the lead vocal treatments, odd time shifts, and unexpected keyboard and guitar instrumentation during the epics “Land of Dreams” and “The Watcher,” both clearly display Coalition’s overall creativity with arrangements and orchestration, setting the group further apart from many of its contemporaries.

These small details make a group truly memorable, therefore, Coalition seems on the right path to forging a name for itself in the Prog-Rock community. After savoring Bridge Across Time, I look forward to hearing the band’s debut album and any future releases it creates.

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