Credo – Rhetoric (2005)

Credo_Rhetoric4 out of 5 Stars!

Highly reminiscent of Marillion, London-area band Credo supposedly formed back in the late ’70s but didn’t release any material until its debut album in 1994. Then the promising band disappeared for more than a decade, only to finally reemerge in 2005 with Rhetoric, the album that formally introduced me to the group.

As mentioned, on this release, fans of Marillion will certainly recognize a musical style comparable to what appeared on the albums Clutching At Straws or Fugazi, for example. Not only does the vocalist possess Fish’s range and timbre, only with a less-dramatic delivery style, but the overall instrumentation, the beautiful guitar and keyboard tones, the intricate song arrangements, etc. have that undeniable Marillion stamp, with perhaps groups such as Arena, IQ, Pallas, and Pendragon also acting as marginal influences.

So, although not unique by any stretch of the imagination, Credo nevertheless created some wonderfully enchanting and melodic Neo-Prog on Rhetoric, and I continue to play this album on a regular basis as well as the band’s equally enjoyable third release from 2011.

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