Seventh Wave – Things to Come (1974)

SeventhWave_ThingsToCome4 out of 5 Stars!

Things to Come was the first of only two albums from Britain’s Seventh Wave, a synth-heavy Prog-Rock duo from the mid-’70s.

On this debut, the keyboards are front and center, layers upon layers of them, and highly symphonic in nature (almost soundtrack-worthy). Additionally, the album features no lead or rhythm guitars, and no bass guitar, just an array of keyboards supplied by Ken Elliott and drums from Kieran O’Connor, and a host of percussion instruments rarely heard on Prog-Rock albums (sleigh bells, glockenspiel, chimes, xylophone, etc.) played by both band members.

Yet despite the lack of guitars, the album sounds amazingly full and rich, while the music is typically upbeat and complex, and also borders on Art Rock and Space Rock during several tracks.

The one slight drawback on this album is Elliott’s vocal contributions—his voice is less than desirable in tone, range, and accurate pitch, but thankfully the lead and background harmonies are at least passable and rather unique in sound, style, and substance.

Regardless, this and the duo’s second album, 1975’s Psi-Fi, are still enjoyable overall, occasionally weird and creative, and often stunning.

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