Zero Hour – The Towers of Avarice (2001)

ZeroHour_Avarice4 out of 5 Stars!

2001’s The Towers of Avarice, the second album from Zero Hour, was actually my formal introduction to the California group, and after picking up my jaw from the floor, I became a fan.

Wickedly sinister in atmosphere, the music itself is technically awesome, extremely inventive and progressive, and as heavy as all hell. Each of the proficient musicians kicks up a mighty storm, while the powerful vocalist (apart from when singing the two ballads appearing on this six-track release) belts out the lyrics like a tortured maniac on acid—alternately snarling, whispering, shrieking, and gasping the lyrics, yet making it all work like a blockbuster cinematic experience.

The majority of other “Tech Prog-Metal” and “Djent” bands typically leave me cold, but not so with Zero Hour, and The Towers of Avarice ranks high on my list of favorites in the genre.

The talented brother team (Jasun Tipton on guitar/keys and Troy Tipton on bass) along with drummer Mike Guy and singer Erik Rosvold truly captured lightning in a bottle with this release!

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