Macroscream – Macroscream (2016)

Macroscream_24.5 out of 5 Stars!

Macroscream is a “newish” Italian Prog-Rock band with a strong vintage flavor. Although I have not heard the band’s debut album (Sisyphus) from 2012, this sophomore release is quite stunning.

With the inclusion of violin, sax, and the prominent retro keys, along with some jazz and folk influences, fun time shifts and the intricate arrangements both vocally and instrumentally on tracks such as “Mr. Why,” “Goliath,” “Unquiet,” “Impenetrable Oak Bark,” and “The Flying Gianpy,” the band often reminds me of classic acts such as Gentle Giant or PFM mixed with the occasional touch of Supertramp, or more modern Prog-Rock groups such as Seven Steps to the Green Door, Black Bonzo, and Presto Ballet.

This is one exciting band to watch!

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