Pride of Lions – Immortal (2012)

PrideLions_Immortal4 out of 5 Stars!

For me, when it comes to musicians, Chicago’s Jim Peterik easily falls into the “living legend” category. Peterik first earned his stripes with the Jazz-Rock group The Ides of March, then later, garnered even more acclaim as one of the driving forces in Survivor, penning numerous hits along the way (either individually or as part of a songwriting team) for not only his own groups, but for numerous other artists. Seriously, who in the world is still unfamiliar with the song “Eye of the Tiger,” right?

Therefore, in 2003, when I learned of Peterik’s involvement with a new band called Pride of Lions, I added the group’s future releases to my “auto-purchase” list and have never once been disappointed. With exceptional lead singer Toby Hitchcock (his style, range, and timbre highly reminiscent of Survivor’s Jimi Jamison—RIP) on board, Peterik found the perfect musical partner with whom to create additional AOR magic.

Immortal, the band’s fourth album, is once again a collection of beautifully written and well-produced tracks, both sing-along rockers such as the opening title tune, plus “Coin of the Realm,” “If It Doesn’t Kill Me,” “Vital Signs,” “Ask Me Yesterday,” and “Tie Down the Wind,” along with a handful of luscious ballads like “Everything That Money Can’t Buy,” “Are You the Same Girl,” and “Sending My Love”.

And no doubt, this album (as well as the band’s other high-quality releases) will appeal to fans of groups such as Journey, Mecca, W.E.T., Find Me, Sunstorm, and of course, Survivor.

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