Shadowkeep – The Hourglass Effect (2008)

Shadowkeep_Hourglass4 out of 5 Stars!

The Hourglass Effect is the third and most recent (the final?) release from Shadowkeep, a Progressive Metal band from the U.K. that delivers a collection of thundering and semi-intricate songs in the style of groups such as Balance of Power, Andromeda, Lanfear, Avian, Section A, and also early Queensryche, thanks mainly to the excellent vocalist with his wide range and dramatic style of delivery.

Although the band has a keyboardist in its line-up, the keys are relegated to the background apart from the beautiful piano-driven final track, “How Many Times Have We Tried to Save the World,” thus keeping the music decidedly guitar-oriented, with the talented lead guitarist being the undeniable star of the overall proceedings.

If this is indeed the band’s final album, at least Shadowkeep went out with an impressive bang!

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