The Ragged Saints – The Sound of Breaking Free (2013)

RaggedSaints_BreakingFree4 out of 5 Stars!

From Finland, The Ragged Saints released its one and only album (thus far) in 2013, a surprisingly strong collection of driving yet melodic Hard Rock tracks that seem almost a clever combination of diverse groups such as Whitesnake, House of Lords, The Magnificent, Rage of Angels, Brother Firetribe, Riverdogs, Lionville, and even a song (the opening title track) that, because of one particular chord progression, momentarily reminded me of a grander version of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell.”

Fans of the aforementioned bands will likely find quite a bit to enjoy here. On tunes such as “I’ll Never Give Up on Love,” “Before Time Goes By,” “While the World is Burning,” “The End,” “A Place Where I Belong,” and “New Beginnings,” the catchy choruses, rousing guitars, subtle keyboards, and pounding rhythms gel perfectly to create some infectious, high-quality material. And with each of the tunes falling between the three-to-four-minute range, “hit single” length material, the band obviously relies on direct and punchy blasts of melody, with thankfully no song overstaying its welcome.

Additionally, the powerful lead vocals are supplied by Markku Kuikka, whose work I thoroughly enjoyed on the two Status Minor albums as well as the most recent release by Kenziner, so that’s another plus when it comes to The Sound of Breaking Free.

Now I’m hoping the band issues another full-length album in the near future (and according to the band’s website, that day could be coming soon).


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