Master Men – Through the Window (2015)

MasterMen_ThruWindow3.5 out of 5 Stars!

Poland’s Master Men, although typically lumped into the Progressive Rock category at many music-related websites, seems more an AOR/Hard Rock outfit with moderate Prog-Rock leanings, thanks mainly to the prominent use of keyboards.

But the music overall is much more straightforward than most Prog bands, with relatively short tracks (all between three and six minutes) and featuring nearly nothing in the way of complex musical arrangements, only a few modest solos throughout, which seems comparable to groups such as Alias Eye or latter-day Saga.

Generally speaking, the group’s style is rather pleasant, occasionally mellow with some power-bursts, due to the crunchy guitar sound and leads, and includes a recognizable lead singer with a mid-level range.

On Through the Window, there’s nothing to set the world on fire, but the band certainly has potential and the synth-heavy material should appeal to Prog-Rock fans seeking an undemanding listening experience.

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