Danté Fox – Under the Seven Skies (2007)

DanteFox_UnderSevenSkies4 out of 5 Stars!

When Danté Fox popped onto the U.K. music scene in the late 1990s to release two catchy albums (1996’s Under Suspicion and 1999’s The Fire Within), I immediately thought the band an updated, more rockin’ version of North American acts such as Heart, Toronto, Saraya, or Chicago’s mighty Tantrum (albeit with a single female vocalist as opposed to three). And that opinion didn’t change in the least when the band finally returned to action in 2007 with the release of Under the Seven Skies.

Here, on tunes such as “The Last Goodbye,” “Lucky Ones (Born Tonight in the Setting Sun),” “Love Tried To Fine You,” “Firing Guns,” and “Goodbye to Yesterday,” Sue Willetts’s voice is still in splendid and stunning form, commercial as all heck, and the skillful band delivers yet another powerful collection of ultra-catchy material, destined for greatness in a perfect world. Indeed, the nine-minute title track, with its intricate symphonic arrangement, is AOR perfection itself.

I’m still not sure why this band isn’t better known, except for the fact that this world is indeed (and too sadly) far from perfect, darn it. Nevertheless, Under the Seven Skies kicks melodic butt, and Danté Fox Roxx!

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