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“Prog-Scure: Obscure Bands on the Prog-Rock Scene (Past & Present)”

–Show #65, October 13, 2018
Featuring music from Affector, Aura (SE), The C:Live Collective, Carol Of Harvest, The Damnation Project, Embryo, Espers, FEM Prog Band, Fuchs, Giuffria, Glacier, Hard Stuff, Hills, Jughead, Kevin Ayers, La Dottrina Degli Opposti, Napier’s Bones, No Gravity, Pymlico, Renaissance, Scythe, Tusmorke, and Wolverine.

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Show #64, October 10, 2018
Featuring music from Alcatrazz, Asa De Luz, Bolus, Cuerock, A Devil’s Din, The Dreaming Tree, Espíritu, Fobos, Gate 6, Gravestone, Hawk, Heavy Water Experiments, Jim Gilmour, La Curva Di Lesmo, Malpractice, On The Raw, Playgrounded, Richard Wright, Scarlet Inside, Tears of Anger, Trapeze, Wucan, and Zombie Picnic.

Listen or Download:

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