About This Site

FacebookPicWelcome to my Musical Musings & Album Reviews website, where I plan to post my various thoughts on favorite bands and the albums I own.

I own a lot of music. Quite a lot. At last count, I have more than 8,300 albums in my collection (either on LP, CD, Cassette, and/or Digital formats). And I enjoy quite a number of musical styles, mostly in the “Rock” genre. Perhaps my all-time favorite style of music is Progressive Rock (bands such as Genesis, Gentle Giant, Magenta, IQ, Galahad, Pallas, Yes, Spock’s Beard, etc.) and the various sub-genres associated with it (Neo-Prog,  Symphonic Prog, Eclectic-Prog, etc.). Yet I also crave various styles of Metal (Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Neoclassical Metal, Heavy Metal), Hard Rock, Glam Rock, AOR/Melodic Rock, even some Country Rock, Punk Rock, Jazz, Jazz-Fusion, and (on occasion) even some pure Pop and Power Pop.

What you will not find on this website, however, are many (if any) reviews of the music I don’t normally enjoy, be it Grunge, Alternative Rock, Rap, Classical, Adult Contemporary, Big Band, to name but a few genres. Sorry ’bout that. You will also not find all rave reviews here. Just because I own something doesn’t mean I automatically love it. If I don’t like a particular album (and, unfortunately, there are some real clinkers in my collection!) I’ll say so. But please know that I will strive to be as fair as possible when offering any criticism. In other words, I will not write negative remarks just for the sake of being mean. Regardless, some folks may not agree with my ratings or comments, either positive or negative, but these are just my opinions based on my musical tastes.

Also, if you are a musician (or you work in some other capacity in the music industry) and are seeking a review of a specific album(s), please click the “Hire Me” link in the above menu and read the “Album Reviews” section on that page.

Regardless, I started this website not only for my own enjoyment, but mainly as a place to store all the various album reviews and opinions I’ve posted on other music-related websites through the years, and I’ll attempt to add new material to this site only as time, inclination, energy, and mood allows.

Additionally, if you enjoy my written work, my Prog-Scure Radio Show, or other content on this website, perhaps you might consider helping me to keep this website and radio show afloat by joining my exclusive community at https://www.patreon.com/zapniles.


Enjoy your visit!

~ Zap Niles

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