Aslan – Weight Of The World (2007)

Aslan_WeightWorld2 out of 5 Stars!

Overall the musicianship is high-level, whereas the production is HORRIFIC! The “in your face” and “tinny sounding” snare drum sound is so annoying it destroys any semblance of “greatness” that might be contained herein. This sounds like it was recorded in a home basement studio where the engineer hadn’t a bloody clue how to mix the drums. Had this collection of songs had someone governing the sound with a professional air, this might have been listenable. The band has talent, so they should focus on getting someone to mix them who actually knows what he/she is doing.

Ash Ra Tempel – Ash Ra Tempel (1971)

AshRaTempel_12 out of 5 Stars!

Although this album is rather highly rated at various music websites, and has received worldwide praise, I find it difficult to see why. Sure, there are some decent moments of pleasantness, but it seems barely more than some jamming background music, nothing that truly grabs me and convinces me to seek out more music by this band. The two long tracks are passable free-form Psychedelic Rock/Space Rock/Krautrock music, but definitely nothing to get me overly excited. I’ve heard bands tooling around in their garages that sounded much better and tighter and…interesting.

Sorry, but I had hoped for something more considering the high ratings this album typically receives…