Album Reviewer


If seeking an album review, please read these important notes…

Since the amount of email and Facebook requests I receive asking me to review specific albums has increased exponentially these past few years, and my time is growing more and more limited, I’ve had no other option but to alter my policy regarding these requests.

Therefore, if you are simply seeking an “album review,” you typically do not need to “hire me” (***). Album reviews I write for this and other websites are generally done for NO charge whatsoever. But please be aware, I cannot guarantee a review of any album (or a positive rating for one) should you email me with a query or send me links to the MP3 files of your songs (see paragraph below that begins with “Notes Regarding Files“). Album reviews are usually done only at my discretion and as time, inclination, energy, and mood allows.

*** I will, however, guarantee an album review, but only for a nominal fee of $25.00. (See paragraph below that begins with “Notes Regarding Payment.“) As mentioned in the above paragraph, the majority of reviews I write are done strictly at my discretion since the bulk of my hours are spent working on paid freelance projects in order to survive (ie. food, rent, electricity, Internet service, etc.). As you can imagine, “paying gigs” must take priority for me in order to not only stay alive, but to also help keep this very website afloat and thriving. Therefore, if you want a guaranteed review of your album(s), I will be happy to do so, but only based on the aforementioned financial requirement. (Again, see paragraph below that begins with “Notes Regarding Payment.“)

But what do you receive for this fee of $25.00? Not only will I guarantee a review of your album (typically within a 4-6 week window, adding it to my “priority list” in the order in which it is received), but I will add the final review to this Zap Niles website (obviously) as well as post it on a popular music-related website ( Moreover, I will post the review on my own Facebook page—exposing it to thousands of followers—and also dozens of music-related Facebook groups, both “general music-related” groups as well as “genre-specific” groups of which I am also a member—again, exposing it to thousands of additional music fans. And of course, you will be free to use either all or part of my review within your own promotional materials, on your website(s), in press packages, etc.

Notes Regarding Payment: I accept payments only through Paypal, and the payment must be transferred prior to me listening to your MP3 files or the actual writing of the review. If for any reason I am unable to fulfill your request, however, the payment will be transferred back to you at the same Paypal account from which it was originally sent. Moreover, just email me at the address below and I will give you the name of the Paypal account where payments should be transferred.

Please also note, however, that even if you hire me to write a “guaranteed” album review, I will not guarantee a positive rating. Indeed, as with all the reviews I write, I will state only my honest opinions, but please know I will strive to be as fair as possible when offering any criticism.

Regardless, whichever way you decide to go, whether to offer me your MP3 files for a “potential” review or a “guaranteed” review, please direct all queries to…

zapniles @
(Note: spaces added to avoid search engine spammers)

Notes Regarding Files: Whether for a “potential” review or a “guaranteed” review, I accept only MP3 files that are at least 192kbps. Anything smaller (128kbps) are unacceptable. Moreover, due to the file sizes, it’s usually a major pain to deal with MP3 files via email. Therefore, simply send me the website link from where I can download the files (again, at least 192kbps) and I will be happy to do so.

Thank you, everyone, and keep rockin’!

Zap Niles