Way too often, I run across artist/band or record company websites, promotional materials and press releases, and music-related magazines and/or webzines riddled with grammar problems and awkward prose, misspelled words and incorrect punctuation, etc., which immediately gives the website or promotional material an unprofessional and slap-dash appearance. In such a highly competitive industry, with thousands of artists hoping to grab the attention of music fans, the last thing anyone wants is to appear unpolished when it comes to their presentation.

Let’s put it this way…would you rather have the opening paragraph of your press release contain this jarring bit of copy…

Here our forth coming albums befour any one else go to our web site

…Or this bit of copy instead?…

Hear our forthcoming album now…exclusive to our website!!!

I kid you not when it comes to that first example—I actually ran across that tragically misspelled, non-punctuated mess of a sentence in an “official” press release. And do you know what I did? I instantly hit my email’s DELETE button. I also suspect, many other recipients of that email surely did likewise.

Therefore, why risk turning off potential fans and album-buyers (or even radio DJs like myself) with confusing or misspelled information in your press releases or on your websites?

Well, never fear, I can help by working directly with musicians & bands, record companies, promotional & PR companies, or music-related magazines or webzines when it comes to writing or editing copy, and even perfecting the English language from various translations for websites or newsletters, album press releases and advertising campaigns, or articles for magazines or webzines. Not only am I an award-winning fiction author of numerous novels, novellas, and short stories, but also a former Editorial Director and Creative Director for several major e-book publishing companies, a seasoned book editor, copy-editor, with approximately two decades of experience in the book publishing industry. Moreover, I am also a former professional musician, with more than twenty-five years of experience in the music industry as both a performer (a member of more than twenty bands, with five recording contracts under my belt) and a multi-published songwriter, therefore, I know firsthand the “ins and outs” of the industry, the recording and songwriting process, etc., so I know the “lingo” firsthand.

To view descriptions of my editing services, etc., please visit my “sister website” ByThunder LLC and follow the appropriate links for ThunderProse (editing services). (NOTE: Although geared toward authors and the book publishing industry, this website should nevertheless give you a decent idea of what types services I can provide for your band or music-related company, as well as provide you with ballpark figures of my pricing structure for the types of projects you may have in mind).

If you are interested in hiring me on either a permanent or a freelance basis for either short- or long-term assignments and want to check my availability, please drop me a line at either…

zapniles @ gmail.com or bythunder99 @ gmail.com
(Note: spaces added to avoid search engine spammers)

…and let me know exactly what you require, the deadlines involved, etc.

Additionally, if you prefer to contact me by telephone and avoid typing lengthy details regarding projects, please email me at either of the above addresses and I’ll be happy to schedule an appointment (at your convenience) for a detailed conversation. My hours are extremely flexible, so time-zone problems are virtually nonexistent.

Thank you, everyone, and keep rockin’!

Zap Niles