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2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi Zap, Thank you so much for broadening my Prog world. Your podcasts are incredible. I have one for you… The Steve Miller Band’s 1968 first album – entire Side 1:

    It’s really great and unbelievably Prog – some parts remind me of King Crimson. I searched your shows and did not see it – but apologies if I missed it. Keep up the great work!


    • Hey, Tony. Thanks so much for your comments. Much appreciated. Regarding The Steve Miller Band…I’m actually not familiar with much of Miller’s work. I have only two of his albums in my collection (and I actually have a track from one of them scheduled for a future Prog-Scure episode in the week’s ahead). So thanks for the recommendation regarding the debut album…I’m adding it to my ever-growing “to be investigated” list. 🙂


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