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Why did I develop Prog-Scure?

In essence, since the days when I began collecting records in the early ’70s, what has always annoyed and frustrated me is that many talented and exciting groups I’ve loved through the decades were given little exposure through radio or print media and therefore remain horribly obscure, and what I always wanted to do (if given the opportunity) was to produce and host a radio show that focused on these still-relatively unknown bands and, hopefully, even though many of the groups are no longer in existence, turn people on to some great music they might have missed through the years. Therefore, on Prog-Scure, I play tracks from a mixture of both older and more recent artists that remain a mystery to many people.

Now, keep in mind that one man’s obscure is another man’s famous, so fans of Progressive Rock may or may not be familiar with some of the artists I play. But I have an “obscure” scale, and when asking my buddies whether they’ve heard of a particular band/artist, and the majority say “WHO?,” then I know that band or artist is a likely candidate for me to include on the show.

Also note, I may occasionally play music from more “famous” groups, but if so, the songs I select are typically limited to “forgotten gems” like B-Sides, bonus tracks, etc. that may not be familiar to the more casual Prog-Rock fan. I may also periodically play songs from bands not even normally associated with the Prog-Rock genre, but the songs I include are Prog-oriented nonetheless. So on Prog-Scure, you won’t be hearing any “hits”—no “Roundabout,” no “Karn Evil 9,” no “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway,” or similar fare—only more obscure Prog-Rock material.

Bringing attention to lesser-known artists was my singular goal when developing the show’s concept, so the positive feedback I’ve received since the first episode is most appreciated, thus confirming that what I’m doing with Prog-Scure is contributing something positive to the Prog-Rock community.

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Prog-Scure: Show #1 – Recorded January 10, 2018
Featuring music from After Forever, Ambrosia, Animator, Armageddon, Birth Control, Bloodrock, Grace, Gravy Train, Grobschnitt, It Bites, Legend, Lucifer’s Friend, Magenta, Max Webster, Mindwarp Chamber, Scarlet Hollow, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Siena Root, Stories, Ursa Major.

Prog-Scure: Show #2 – Recorded January 17, 2018
Featuring music from Abraxas, Advent, Bad Dreams, Beyond The Bridge, Captain Beyond, Damon Shulman, Druid, Ezra, Friar Rush, Guru Guru, Hands, Hellfield, Imminent Sonic Destruction, Janus, Landmarq, Maestrick, Mona Lisa, New England, The Othello Syndrome, Ragnarok, Ricocher, Stories, Think Floyd, and The Watch.

Prog-Scure: Show #3 – Recorded January 24, 2018
Featuring music from Astarte Syriaca, Be-Bop Deluxe, Cell15, Cyan, Dynamic Lights, Epsilon, Frogg Cafe, Gentle Giant, Iluvatar, Journey, King Eider, Maze Of Time, Nektar, Pell Mell, Ritual, Shaolin Death Squad, Simon Says, Violent Silence, Wingdom, and Yezda Urfa.

Prog-Scure: Show #4 – Recorded January 31, 2018
Featuring music from Alan Parson’s Project, Andromeda, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Cressida, Distorted Harmony, The Emerald Dawn, Felony, Grand Prix, Indian Summer, Jack Yello, Kaipa, Kevlar Red, Lord of Mushrooms, Madsword, Moon Safari, Neuschwanstein, Novalis, Phil Manzanera (801), Poverty’s No Crime, Strongbow, Three Man Army, and Welcome.

Prog-Scure: Show #5 – Recorded February 07, 2018
Featuring music from Agnes Strange, Anyone’s Daughter, Blue Mammoth, Crucible, Crystal Lake, Dave Kerzner, Ethos, Everon, Golden Earring, Harvest, Introitus, Little Atlas, Moonrise, Now, Omega, Pictures, Shadow Circus, Skeem, Vienna Circle, Waste Lagoon, and Xsavior.

Prog-Scure: Show #6 – Recorded February 14, 2018
Featuring music from 3rDegree, Adagio, Angel, Armonite, Babe Ruth, D’Accord, Druckfarben, Epitaph, Gino Vanelli, Ian Gillan Band, Khan, League of Lights, Magnum, Mentor’s Wish, New Trolls, Paradigm Shift, Riff Raff, Socrates, Sweet Smoke, Thirteen of Everything, Twelfth Night, Uriah Heep, and Wallenstein.

Prog-Scure: Show #7 – Recorded February 17, 2018
Featuring music from After The Fall, Anthriel, Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express, Credo, Dale, Electric Food, Fireballet, Genesis, Heart of Cygnus, Jane, Kraan, Mind’s Eye, Mechanical Poet, Overture, Panic Room, Rough Diamond, Seven Steps To The Green Door, The Shadow Theory, StoneRider, Thieves’ Kitchen, Trillion, Violet District, and White Willow.

Prog-Scure: Show #8 – Recorded February 21, 2018
Featuring music from Aviary, Barclay James Harvest, Crises, Dominici, Equinox, Flying Colors, Gryphon, Heliopolis, Juvaliant, Lana Lane, Marsupilami, MindMaze, Oblivion Sun, Pagan’s Mind, The Room, Steve Hillage, Tempano, Theatre, Traumhaus, Unified Past, Warhorse, Witchwood, and Yes.

Prog-Scure: Show #9 – Recorded February 24, 2018
Featuring music from Ache, Ageness, Alias Eye, Bigelf, Deep Purple, Emerald, Franck Carducci, Galaxy, Hypnos 69, Jeseter, Kayak, Lake, Magic Bus, Morgan, Pentacle, Silentium, Styx, Time Machine, Toxic Smile, Veda, Xandria, and Zen Carnival.

Prog-Scure: Show #10 – Recorded February 28, 2018
Featuring music from A.C.T, Argent, Brother Ape, Chris, Dali’s Dilemma, England, FreddeGredde, GNP, Hatfield & The North, How Far To Hitchin, I And Thou, Jumbo, Krokodil, Magrathea, Nightwing, Osanna, Parzivals Eye (With Christina Booth), Ra’s Dawn, Seventh Wonder, Stackridge, Thought Chamber, Until Rain, and The Web.

Prog-Scure: Show #11 – Recorded March 03, 2018
Featuring music from 41Point9, Affinity, Aphelion, Ariel, Dreamscape, Eyesberg, Frequency Drift, The Gourishankar, Hybrid Ice, InVertigo, Jade Warrior, Kestrel, Leitmotiv, Mike Florio, Mystery, Not A Good Sign, Profusion, Red Rose, Section A, Soul Secret, Taurus, Toad, and Wally.

Prog-Scure: Show #12 – Recorded March 07, 2018
Featuring music from AltaVia, Amon Ra, Apogee, Aquaplanage, Black Widow, Budgie, Cryptic Vision, Drifting Sun, Edenbridge, Haken, Izz, Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, La Rossa, Mainhorse, Martigan, Morild, PBII, Shaman, Starcastle, Strawbs, Tinyfish, TNNE, Toehider, Under The Sun, Vertical Alignment, and World of Silence.

Prog-Scure: Show #13 – Recorded March 10, 2018
Featuring music from Akashic, Ampledeed, Ansottica, Ars Nova, Caravan, Day Six, Egdon Heath, Gracious, Hydrotoxin, Ignatius, Leap Day, Mad Crayon, Maxophone, Newman, Proteo, Samurai, Soniq Circus, Syzygy, Thank You Scientist, Tractor, Unreal City, VIII Strada, and World Trade.

Prog-Scure: Show #14 – Recorded March 14, 2018
Featuring music from Aether, Alliance, Arabs In Aspic, Ciccada, Dr. Z, Empty Tremor, Forgotten Suns, Ikarus, Locanda Delle Fate, Majestic, Mr. So & So, Nemo, Oak, Power of Zeus, Projection, Quatermass, Seventh Wave, Shadowland, Supertramp, Taproban, Tomorrow’s Eve, Ungava, Versus, and Wigwam.

Prog-Scure: Show #15 – Recorded March 17, 2018
Featuring music from Aardvark, Also Eden, Astrakhan, Cyril, Egoband, Et Cetera, Frijid Pink, Hangover Paradise, Lazaro, Machiavel, Mantra Vega, Mother Black Cap, Native Construct, Odd Logic, Pinnacle, Quandary, Rare Bird, Silhouette, Spin Gallery, Stratovarius, Tempest, Vindictiv, and Wishbone Ash.

Prog-Scure: Show #16 – Recorded March 21, 2018
Featuring music from The Aaron Clift Experiment, Aisles, Angra, Argos, Chain, Derringer, Edensong, Gong, Hollow Water, Janison Edge, Kingcrow, Malibran, Millenium, Moving Gelatine Plates, Nathan Mahl, Overhead, Prophet, Salem Hill, Slychosis, Stolen Earth, Ten Years After, Threshold, Toto, and The Windmill.

Prog-Scure: Show #17 – Recorded March 24, 2018
Featuring music from The Adekaem, Amarok, Ascension Theory, East of Eden, Frost, Hostsonaten, Ibis, Michael Kiske, Minor Giant, Moth Vellum, Nemesis, No More Pain, Pallas, Ramses, Saga, Solstice, Split Enz, Strangefish, Teaze, Tr3nity, Vanishing Point, Wizards, and Zero Gravity.

Prog-Scure: Show #18 – Recorded March 28, 2018
Featuring music from Acute Mind, Akribi, Alan Reed, Anima Mundi, Beyond The Labyrinth, Colosseum II, Doracor, Dracma, Eyestrings, Galleon, The Heather Findlay Band, John Galgano, La Bocca Della Verita, Mahogany Rush, Metaphor, Niadem’s Ghost, The Psychedelic Ensemble, Quorum, Silent Voices, Status Minor, Subsignal, Tisaris, Touch, Triumvirat, Weed, and Zoundworks.

Prog-Scure: Show #19 – Recorded March 31, 2018
Featuring music from Ad Infinitum, Airlord, Anubis Gate, Barock Project, Christina Booth, City Boy, Diagonal, Epidermis, Focus, Heads or Tales, Innosense, Jeavestone, Light Damage, Mirthrandir, The Mute Gods, Pictorial Wand, Red Sand, Sieges Even, Sonus Umbra, Storm At Sunrise, Time Horizon, Unwritten Pages, and Xinema.

Prog-Scure: Show #20 – Recorded April 04, 2018
Featuring music from 7 Months, Abel Ganz, Acqua Fragile, Airrace, Armed Cloud, Backhand, Beggars Opera, Citizen Cain, Cloud Atlas, Dead Heroes Club, Elephant Plaza, Gillan, Horizontal Ascension, Kino, Man On Fire, Mayadome, Phoenix Eye, Quidam, Shadow Merchant, Supersister, Theo, Warpig, and Ywis.

Prog-Scure: Show #21 – Recorded April 07, 2018
Featuring music from Akin, Anti-Depressive Delivery, Apple Pie, Ark, Buttered Bacon Biscuits, Climax Blues Band, Deep Limbic System, Event, Fright Pig, High Wheel, Julian’s Treatment, Magic Pie, Mindgames, Naked Sun, The Oneira, Presto Ballet, Ricochet, Stargate, Steel Mill, Symphony X, TCP, US, and Vangough.

Prog-Scure: Show #22 – Recorded April 11, 2018
Featuring music from 3, Alice Cooper, Alphataurus, Aquelarre, Ashby, Ballo Delle Castagne, Blind Ego, Clepsydra, Daedalus, Everwood, For All We Know, Gamalon, Harlequin Mass, Landskap, Macroscream, Magellan, Native Window, Paice Ashton Lord, Resistor, Sunchild, Superior, Tiles, Wobbler, and Zorak.

Prog-Scure: Show #23 – Recorded April 14, 2018
Featuring music from Abacus, Active Heed, Aeon Zen, Ancient Veil, Aura, Bader Nana, Black Bonzo, Cairo, The Chronicles of Israfel, Discipline, Echoes, Flamborough Head, Guilt Machine, Hoggwash, Lee Z, Mandalaband, McDonald And Giles, Quella Vecchia Locanda, Refugee, Scorpions, Synopsis, Twinspirits, Unifaun, Venturia, and Witsend.

Prog-Scure: Show #24 – Recorded April 18, 2018
Featuring music from Ange, Aperco, Aquaria, Armaggedon, Astra (US), Billy Cobham, Camel, Chrome Shift, Deluge Grander, Eno, The Greatest Show on Earth, IO Earth, Karmakanic, Mad Fellaz, Metro Society, Multi Story, Not Otherwise Specified, Promenade, The Quest, Steve Hackett, Underground Railroad, White, and XNA.

Prog-Scure: Show #25 – Recorded April 21, 2018
Featuring music from 25 Yard Screamer, Adventure, Anasazi, Anguish, Atomic Rooster, Blue Shift, Bob Catley, Collage, DeWolff, Exises, Flashback Of Anger, Frumpy, Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion, Jeff Green Project, Lifesigns, Marillion, The Merlin Bird, My Soliloquy, Nuovo Idea, Psycorder, Stewart Bell, Vermilion Sands, Wings of Steel, and Xanadu.

Prog-Scure: Show #26 – Recorded April 25, 2018
Featuring music from 10cc, Apocalypse, Area, Axon-Neuron, Biglietto Per L’Inferno, Casual Silence, Cloudscape, Damnation Angels, Elephants of Scotland, Excalion, Heart, Hidden Lands, John West, Kerry Livgren, Mars Hollow, Maschine, Mindfields, The New Grove Project, Red Jasper, Synaesthesia, Trevor Rabin, Versus X, and Zenit.

Prog-Scure: Show #27 – Recorded April 28, 2018
Featuring music from Ad Maiora, Anacondia, Aragon, Astra (IT), Big Picture, Blues Image, Canvas, The Custodian, Daphne, Dreyelands, Edith, Extreme, Fantasy, Half Past Four, IQ, Konchordat, Marathon, Panther & C, Queen, Rite of Passage, The Samurai Of Prog, X-Panda, Yoso, and Zinc.

Prog-Scure: Show #28 – Recorded May 02, 2018
Featuring music from Arcansiel, Astralia (IT), Aton’s, Baker Gurvitz Army, Cast, Coalition, Conception, Duty Free Area, Earth & Fire, Evership, Eye 2 Eye, Fruupp, Fuzzy Duck, Gecko’s Tear, Glass Kites, Jerusalem (SW), Jono, Karfagen, Kingfisher Sky, Lemur Voice, Proto-Kaw, Raw Material, Symfonia, and Ten Jinn.

Prog-Scure: Show #29 – Recorded May 05, 2018
Featuring music from Anekdoten, Asia Minor, Bram Stoker, Cellar Noise, Cosmos Factory, Dream The Electric Sleep, Eveline’s Dust, Flea On The Honey, Gomorrha, Hubi Meisel, Hughes Turner Project, Jim Griffin, Kharma, The Last Embrace, Lucifer Was, Mancunian Candidate, Neronia, Phoenix Again, Procol Harum, Rizengard, Silver Lake, To-Mera, Touch (OR), Voyager, Without End, Yes, and Yugen.

Prog-Scure: Show #30 – Recorded May 09, 2018
Featuring music from 35007, Anglagard, Arven, Cervello, Cheeto’s Magazine, Crescent Moon, Dec Burke, Eumeria, Eyefear, Final Conflict, Forever Twelve, Galadriel, Germinale, HeKz, Il Castello Di Atlante, Juke, Khymera, Lost Tales, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Port Mahadia, Sinister Street, The Tea Club, Tommy Bolin, and Winterstrain.

Prog-Scure: Show #31 – Recorded May 12, 2018
Featuring music from Analogy, Aspera, Believe, Bryan Ferry, Cathedral, Comedy Of Errors, Dreamlost, Elegant Simplicity, Eureka, Flying Circus, Freedom’s Children, Gepetto, Hillward, Homunculus Res, Karibow, Loonypark, Morphelia, Nad Sylvan, Pantommind, Quantum Fantay, Seven Seraphim, Space Odyssey, Sun Caged, Treasure Land, and Yoke Shire.

Prog-Scure: Show #32 – Recorded May 19, 2018
Featuring music from After Crying, Calliope, Darwin’s Radio, Finnegans Wake, Goblin, Heart of Sun, I Am The Manic Whale, JPL, Krypteria, Labyrinth, Mangala Vallis, Phoenix Down, Rendezvous Point, Roger Hodgson, Schizofrantik, Stone The Crows, Sugarloaf, Taste, Tomas Bodin, Unto Us, Vitriol, and Walfad.

Prog-Scure: Show #33 – Recorded May 23, 2018
Featuring music from Abydos, Alaska, Corvus Stone, Cromwell, Eternal Legacy, Farmhouse Odyssey, Griot, Hemina, Isaiah, Jerusalem (UK), Karnataka, Le Orme, LRB, Man, Murple, Nathan, Osada Vida, Paris, Puppet Show, The Reasoning, Scapa Flow, Sylvan, Vision Divine, and Xang.

Prog-Scure: Show #34 – Recorded May 26, 2018
Featuring music from Asgaerd, Atoll, Caligula’s Horse, D Project, Equal Vector, GPS, Harmony, Inner Odyssey, Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side, La Maschera Di Cera, Mark Papagno, Mostly Autumn, Perspective X IV, Platypus, Rated X, ReVamp, Sithonia, Southern Empire, Sweet, This Winter Machine, Trem Do Futuro, Ubi Maior, Visions Of Tragedy, and Wild Turkey.

Prog-Scure: Show #35 – Recorded May 30, 2018
Featuring music from Annot Rhul, Artension, Camelias Garden, Dante Fox, Evolution, Force Of Progress, Glory Opera, Happy The Man, Kevin Gilbert, Lalu, Majestic Vanguard, Palace Terrace, Red Bazar, Shamblemaths, Sinkadus, Superdrama, Tai Phong, TenMidnight, The Twenty Committee, Unisonic, Visible Wind, Within Temptation, and Yleclipse.

Prog-Scure: Show #36 – Recorded June 02, 2018
Featuring music from Annot Rhul, Artension, Camelias Garden, Dante Fox, Evolution, Force Of Progress, Glory Opera, Happy The Man, Kevin Gilbert, Lalu, Majestic Vanguard, Palace Terrace, Red Bazar, Shamblemaths, Sinkadus, Superdrama, Tai Phong, TenMidnight, The Twenty Committee, Unisonic, Visible Wind, Within Temptation, and Yleclipse.

Prog-Scure: Show #37 – Recorded June 06, 2018
Featuring music from Dante, Edguy, The Gift, Holy Lamb, Innerspace, John Arch, Kompendium, Loreweaver, Marygold, Orne, Persona Non Grata, Quiet Sun, Rara Avis In Terris, Rick Wakeman, Sandstone, Sean Filkins, A Secret River, Spooky Tooth, Tellus Requiem, The Tirith, Twilight, and Virgo.

Prog-Scure: Show #38 – Recorded June 09, 2018
Featuring music from Antares (DE), The Aurora Project, Black Symphony, Cross, Darkwater, Ed Bernard, Flaming Row, Grand Tour, The Ides of March, Knight Area, Lonely Robot, Mangrove, Narrow Pass, Possible Worlds, Queensryche, Raw Silk, Scenes, Seventh Key, Soul Cages, Standarte, Tiger Moth Tales, and Unicorn.

Prog-Scure: Show #39 – Recorded June 13, 2018
Featuring music from Amon Duul II, Aztec Jade, Cosmograf, De De Lind, Eloy, Flash, Gashunters, Ice Age, Joe Walsh, Kaipa Da Capo, Lost In Thought, Matthew Parmenter, The Minstrel’s Ghost, Par Lindh Project, Quasar, Rocket Scientists, RTfact, Seven Impale, Silent Memorial, Sparks, Supreme Majesty, Trace, and Unitopia.

Prog-Scure: Show #40 – Recorded June 16, 2018
Featuring music from Angels Unchained, Ashent, Bend Sinister, Carmen, Curved Air, Dark Radio, Days Between Stations, Elsephere, French TV, Groundhogs, Huis, Iain Jennings, Jadis, Keith Emerson Band, Logos, M-Opus, Magnolia, Nice Beaver, Simeon Soul Charger, Smalltape, Spleen Arcana, Triumph, Van Der Graaf Generator, and Without Warning.

Prog-Scure: Show #41 – Recorded June 20, 2018
Featuring music from 4Front, Anakdota, Arena, Conspiracy, Desert Wizards, Eternity X, The Forty Days, Glass Hammer, Hollow Earth, Ian Gillan, Il Cerchio D’Oro, James Gang, Kaprekar’s Constant, Leviathan (IT), Monarch Trail, Projekt Gemineye, Real Illusion, Scenario, Seti, Syndone, Tacere, Waken Eyes, and Zero Hour.

Prog-Scure: Show #42 – Recorded June 23, 2018
Featuring music from 5R6, Anaxes, Beardfish, Clouds Can, The Dear Hunter, Elleven, Family, Fearing The Hill, Gamma, GTR, Hollowscene, If, Jeff Beck Group, Knekklectric, Lazuli, MaterDea, May Blitz, Red Dawn, Section 16, Stonehenge, Supernal Endgame, Time Requiem, and UK.

Prog-Scure: Show #43 – Recorded June 27, 2018
Featuring music from Anderson/Stolt, Birds And Buildings, Cactus, The Codex, Colosseum, Dalton, Fish, Green Carnation, Hamadryad, Kingdom Come (UK), Leaves’ Eyes, Museo Rosenbach, Nick Karch, Ostura, Paolo Siani Feat. Nuova Idea, Return To Forever, Sky Architect, Spiral Key, Supper’s Ready, Tetrafusion, Time’s Forgotten, Utopia, and Zello.

Prog-Scure: Show #44 – Recorded June 30, 2018
Featuring music from Abigails Ghost, Buffalo, Cirrus Bay, Culpeper’s Orchard, Dropshard, Elegy, Flicker, FM (CA), Glenn Hughes, Grey Lady Down, Hackensack, Il Balletto di Bronzo, Jean Luc Ponty, Kansas, Lars Eric Mattsson, Moonparticle, Mursic, Now And Then, Qantice, Rausch, Samsara Blues Experiment, Solstice Coil, Tunnelvision, and White Heart.

Prog-Scure: Show #45 – Recorded July 04, 2018
Featuring music from Accordo dei Contrari, Altura, Black September, Corral, Crucis, Dust, Earthside, Graal, Headspace, Kiama, Lyrian, Maze Of Sound, Mountain, Neal Morse, Night Sun, Preacher, Satellite, Secret Sphere, Soup, Steve Thorne, Weend’o, and Zakarrias.

Prog-Scure: Show #46 – Recorded July 07, 2018
Featuring music from Alacran, Balance of Power, The Byron Band, Carpe Diem, The Cyberiam, Dice (SE), Dream Theater, Eclipse, The Evenfall, Faro, Freedom To Glide, Greenslade, Heir Apparent, Lesoir, Marco De Angelis, Moths And Locusts, Novatia, Outside, Shaman Elephant, Solid Vision, The Tangent, Votum, and Winds.

Prog-Scure: Show #47 – Recorded July 11, 2018
Featuring music from Andre Matos, Burnin Red Ivanhoe, Celeste, Coreign, The Dame, Delirium, Enchant, Frederiksen Phillips, Infinita Symphonia, Klaatu, Leverage, Malcolm Smith, Mouth, Notabene, Ovrfwrd, Peter Hammill, Saris, Serenity, Signum Regis, Spheric Universe Experience, Ten, Time Symmetry, and Winterborn.

Prog-Scure: Show #48 – Recorded July 14, 2018
Featuring music from 3rd Matinee, Ark (UK), Built For The Future, Crack, Digital Ruin, Earthstone, Fatal Fusion, Gothik Serpent, Il Rovescio Della Medaglia, Jonesy, Lee Abraham, Light Of Darkness, Myon, North Star, Orang-Utan, P.A.W.N., Ring Of Myth, Sebastien, Sonata Arctica, Sproingg, Stride, Three Leg Dog, Whitecave, and Zebra.

Prog-Scure: Show #49 – Recorded July 18, 2018
Featuring music from Amaran’s Plight, Art Of Illusion, Blodwyn Pig, Can, Catapilla, Crack The Sky, Different Strings, End of the Dream, Hangar, The Lens, Liquid Scarlet, Mynd, Nightingale, Ozone Quartet, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Ryan Parmenter, Seven Tears, Soul Doubt, Steve Vai, Time Collapse, Unruly Child, Veio, and Zomby Woof.

Prog-Scure: Show #50 – Recorded July 21, 2018
Featuring music from Angels Grace, Corte Dei Miracoli, Crossfade, Crystal Breed, Deafening Opera, Existence, Gentle Knife, Hypnotheticall, Iron Fortress, James Labrie, La Coscienza di Zeno, Montrose, The Mystery Hall, National Health, Orden Ogan, Pacifica, Rush, Savatage, Sheshet, Spleen, Thrilos, Traffic, Viima, and William Gray.

Prog-Scure Special Episode #1: Rock ‘n’ Women (Zap’s Favorite Ladies Of Rock) – Recorded July 25, 2018
This special and extended episode of Prog-Scure showcases some of my favorite female singers in not only the Progressive Rock genre, but also Hard Rock and AOR, featuring music from After Forever, Alannah Myles, Bad Romance, Cheetah, Christina Booth, Cloud Atlas, Curved Air, Dante Fox, Edenbridge, Grace Slick, Harlow, Headpins, Heart, Introitus, IO Earth, Janis Joplin, Janison Edge, Karnataka, Kim Carnes, Lana Lane, Landmarq, Magenta, Nightwish, Parzivals Eye, Quidam, Renaissance, Saraya, Sass Jordan, Scarlet Hollow, Solstice, Tantrum, Thieves’ Kitchen, Within Temptation, and Wucan.

Prog-Scure: Show #51 – Recorded August 01, 2018
Featuring music from AD, Ajalon, Architecture Of The Absurd, British Lions, Cos, CWT, Cynthesis, Dead End Space, Echolyn, Ghostly Medley, However, Implosion, Jethro Tull, A Liquid Landscape, Mile Marker Zero, Moogg, Odin’s Court, Passport, Patrick Moraz, Scardust, Sintesi Del Viaggio Di Es, Stamina, and Timescape.

Prog-Scure: Show #52 – August 04, 2018
Featuring music from Agent Cooper, Andromeda (DE), Arco Iris, Audience, Bacamarte, Box of Shamans, Catharsis, Cirrha Niva, Crayon Phase, The Dust Connection, The Flower Kings, The Grand Astoria, Ibio, Jefferson Starship, Legend (UK), Morrigan, Orion, Royal Hunt, Silent Call, Sons Of Apollo, Sound of Contact, Tilt, and Ulysses.

Prog-Scure: Show #53 – August 08, 2018
Featuring music from Abodean Skye, Albion, Atlas, Axe, Bangor Flying Circus, Blood Ceremony, Chris Squire, Consortium Project, Dr. Dopo Jam, Evergrey, Falkirk, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Gnidrolog, High Tide, Il Segno Del Comando, Indigo, Johansson, Leprous, Mob Rules, Prymary, Saracen, Seconds Before Landing, Twin Fusion, and Voice Of The Enslaved.

Prog-Scure: Show #54 – Recorded August 11, 2018
Featuring music from Alrune Rod, Ashkan, Aviva Omnibus, Axiom, Bloque, Brighteye Brison, Burntfield, Cartoon, Cherry Five, DGM, Fractal Mirror, Gin Lady, Illusion, Jordsjo, Kaledon, Moongarden, Pat Travers, Riversea, Soul Enema, Symphonity, Transatlantic, and YYNOT.

Prog-Scure: Show #55 – Recorded August 29, 2018
Featuring music from Agents of Mercy, Alice, Ardo Dombec, Atila, The Barstool Philosophers, Blackfeather, Cai, Chaos Divine, Contrarian, Dogma, Eden Shadow, Enbound, Firecracker, Ivanhoe, The Jelly Jam, Kyros, Laghonia, Mott, Phideaux, Single Celled Organism, Subterranean Masquerade, Weedpecker, and Zuffanti.

Prog-Scure: Show #56, September 01, 2018
Featuring music from The Allman Brothers Band, Anton Roolaart, Artcane, Aunt Mary, Billy Thorpe, Bröselmaschine, Capability Brown, Chaneton, Cooperativa Del Latte, Dawn, Dimension X, Elder, Iskander, La Tulipe Noire, Myrath, Neonfly, Road To Jerusalem, Seven Seals, The Souls Of Inspyration, Thoughts Factory, and Wilson And Wakeman.

Prog-Scure: Show #57, September 05, 2018
Featuring music from Artemia, Athena, Autumn Electric, Bittertown, Bloodstone, Cardeilhac, Country Lane, Czar, Déjà-Vu, Demon Thor, Epignosis, The Far Meadow, Ingranaggi Della Valle, Long Earth, Merlin, Nth Ascension, Planet X, Red Circuit, Steve Walsh, Stream of Passion, Traffic Sound, Vanden Plas, and Withem.

Prog-Scure: Show #58, September 08, 2018
Featuring music from Advent Horizon, Asoka, Blank Planet, Bubblemath, Chameleon, Cornerstone, Crystal Palace, Dead Flowers, Distant Dream, Duello Madre, Eden, The Id, Kamelot, La Fabbrica Dell’Assoluto, Melange, Minimum Vital, Narnia, Pangea, Sebastian Hardie, Souls Of Diotima, Talvienkeli, and The Yellow Box.

Prog-Scure: Show #59, September 12, 2018
Featuring music from Arti & Mestieri, Atlantis, Autumn, Balloon Astronomy, Bittencourt Project, Canarios, The Cosmic Remedy, Demian, Dreadnaught, Eccentric Orbit, Edgend, Eik, Fish On Friday, Ghost, Ken’s Novel, Last Warning, Morph, Opeth, Paul D’Adamo, Regal Worm, Revolution Renaissance, Squackett, and Tarot (AU).

Prog-Scure Special Episode #2, Part 1: Musical Time Capsule: 1970 – Recorded September 19, 2018
This special and extended episode of Prog-Scure is so HUGE, it spills over into two separate parts! Each part turns the spotlight on just some of the exceptional albums released in 1970, undoubtedly one of the most exciting years in rock ‘n’ roll history. So join me in savoring material from nearly eighty influential and spellbinding artists in a riveting musical time capsule, a celebration of the year 1970. In Part 1, hear material by Aardvark, Affinity, Armaggedon, Black Sabbath, Blodwyn Pig, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express, Caravan, The Climax Blues Band, David Bowie, Egg, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Zappa, Free, Frumpy, Genesis, Golden Earring, Gravy Train, Il Balletto di Bronzo, James Gang, Led Zeppelin, May Blitz, Mott the Hoople, Out of Focus, Power of Zeus, Procol Harum, Rare Earth, Spooky Tooth, Stone the Crows, The Stooges, Sugarloaf, Supertramp, Ten Years After, Three Dog Night, Trapeze, Uriah Heep, Warpig, and Wishbone Ash.

Prog-Scure Special Episode #2, Part 2: Musical Time Capsule: 1970 – Recorded September 22, 2018
This special and extended episode of Prog-Scure is so HUGE, it spills over into two separate parts! Each part turns the spotlight on just some of the exceptional albums released in 1970, undoubtedly one of the most exciting years in rock ‘n’ roll history. So join me in savoring material from nearly eighty influential and spellbinding artists in a riveting musical time capsule, a celebration of the year 1970. In Part 2, hear material by The Allman Brothers Band, Amon Duul II, Argent, Atomic Rooster, Birth Control, Black Widow, Bloodrock, Chicago, Curved Air, Deep Purple, The Doors, East of Eden, Focus, Frijid Pink, Gentle Giant, Grand Funk Railroad, The Guess Who, Humble Pie, Jethro Tull, Josefus, King Crimson, Lucifer’s Friend, Mad Curry, Marsupilami, Mountain, Orang-Utan, Pacific Drift, Pink Floyd, Quatermass, Rare Bird, Santana, Savoy Brown, Steppenwolf, Strawbs, Traffic, Van der Graaf Generator, Warhorse, Wigwam, and Yes.

Prog-Scure: Show #60, September 26, 2018
Featuring music from Atlas Volt, Awake, Big Big Train, Borealis, A Chinese Firedrill, Coupla Prog, Cryptex, Dirtbox, Dull Knife, Earthling Society, Equinox (FR), The Guess Who, Hawkwind, Il Tempio Delle Clessidre, Kepler Ten, Mullmuzzler, Pellek, Rawkfist, Speaking To Stones, Spock’s Beard, Taal, Touchstone, and Vitral.

Prog-Scure: Show #61, September 29, 2018
Featuring music from Aching Beauty, Atria, Black Ladder, Bomber Goggles, Cain’s Offering, The Carpet Knights, Days Before Tomorrow, Esperanto, Exoustia, Faust, Fields, Giraffe, Granada, Heat (DE), Ivory Tower, Karmamoi, Millenium, Pendragon, Rainbow, Strattman, and TumbleTown.

Prog-Scure: Show #62, October 03, 2018
Featuring music from Anderson/Wakeman, Aurora Lunare, Book Of Reflections, Clearlight, Cynosura, Direction, Electric Sun, Eternal Essence, False Coda, Frame, Ghost (SW), Grupo N.H.U., Heylel, Host, Isildurs Bane, Makkiwhipdies, Orphan Project, Purpendicular, Rikard Sjoblom, SinSilencio, Syd Arthur, Ticket To The Moon, and Timothy Pure.

Prog-Scure: Show #63, October 06, 2018
Featuring music from Acid Rain, Alco Frisbass, Asgard, Brimstone, Celestial O’euvre, Circus Maximus, Dave Greenslade, Doug Woods & Colin Powell, Evil Masquerade, Face The Day, Fischer’s Flicker, Guido’s Hand, Harmonium, Hydra, Jackson Heights, Junipher Greene, Mayze, Pyramaze, Reale Accademia Di Musica, Syncromind Project, Thessera, United Progressive Fraternity, and Wrabit.

Prog-Scure: Show #64, October 10, 2018
Featuring music from Alcatrazz, Asa De Luz, Bolus, Cuerock, A Devil’s Din, The Dreaming Tree, Espíritu, Fobos, Gate 6, Gravestone, Hawk, Heavy Water Experiments, Jim Gilmour, La Curva Di Lesmo, Malpractice, On The Raw, Playgrounded, Richard Wright, Scarlet Inside, Tears of Anger, Trapeze, Wucan, and Zombie Picnic.

Prog-Scure: Show #65, October 13, 2018
Featuring music from Affector, Aura (SE), The C:Live Collective, Carol Of Harvest, The Damnation Project, Embryo, Espers, FEM Prog Band, Fuchs, Giuffria, Glacier, Hard Stuff, Hills, Jughead, Kevin Ayers, La Dottrina Degli Opposti, Napier’s Bones, No Gravity, Pymlico, Renaissance, Scythe, Tusmorke, and Wolverine.

Prog-Scure: Show #66, October 17, 2018
Featuring music from Acidente, Ahkmed, Alberto Rigoni, Backyards, Circus 2000, Distant Lights, Echoes Of Giants, Eggs And Dogs, Fabric Of Reality Project, Five Of The Eyes, Gizmo, Haze, John Elefante, Ken Hensley, New Sun, Pinski, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, The Sea Within, Tonton Macoute, Visionary, and Without Face.

Prog-Scure: Show #67, October 20, 2018
Featuring music from Aqua Talk, Art Griffin’s Sound Chaser, Big Hogg, Brand X, Carnival Barker, Dial, Electric Light Orchestra, Explorer’s Club, Francis Dunnery, Galactic Cowboys, Heaven & Earth, Karthago, Liquid Horizon, L’Uovo Di Colombo, Memories of Machines, Metabolisme, Neural Mass, Newton’s Cradle, Pink Fairies, Roads To Damascus, Sub Rosa, Wind, and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Prog-Scure: Show #68, October 24, 2018
Featuring music from Agusa, Apoteosi, Circusfolk, Cotò En Pèl, Darryl Way’s Wolf, Edera, Eye, Fates Warning, The Fringe, Genfuoco, Grime, High Spy, Kultivator, Leviathan (US), Like Wendy, Mabel Greer’s Toyshop, Pythia, Rival Sons, Shadrane, Shining Star, Trip Lava, Whitewater, and Zentraedi.

Prog-Scure: Show #69, October 27, 2018
Featuring music from All Too Human, Atlantyca, Bla Lotus, Brian May, Children In Paradise, Delivery, Ère G, Finneus Gauge, Goma, Herd Of Instinct, Jon Anderson, King of Kings, Liquid Tension Experiment, Magma (FR), Marco Ragni, Project Creation, Reversion, Semantic Saturation, Shadow Gallery, The Tubes, and Wytch Hazel.

Prog-Scure: Show #70, October 31, 2018
Featuring music from Abraxas Pool, Ambiazok, Arion, Blank Manuskript, Contraction, Darrel Treece-Birch, Elf Project, Emerson, Lake & Powell, FramePictures, Gambit, House Of Lords, Iris Divine, Junk Farm, Kalaban, Landberk, London Underground, Magus, Nightwish, Pain Of Salvation, Roswell Six, Savoy Brown, Warpicks, and Yesternight.

Prog-Scure Special Episode #3, Destination: Germany (A Celebration of German Prog / Krautrock)
This special and extended episode turns the spotlight on just some of the influential and spellbinding artists of the German Prog / Krautrock Scene from the ’70s. Hear more than thirty bands in total, both “Prog-Stinguished” and “Prog-Scure,” in this riveting musical celebration of a fascinating genre! This episode includes music by Amon Düül II, Ardo Dombec, Armaggedon, Birth Control, Can, Eloy, Embryo, Epitaph, Epsilon, Faust, Frame, Frumpy, Galaxy, Gomorrha, Grobschnitt, Guru Guru, Jane, Joy Unlimited, Karthago, Kraan, Lucifer’s Friend, Nektar, Novalis, Out of Focus, Pell Mell, Pinguin, Prof. Wolfff, Ramses, Satin Whale, Scorpions, Subject ESQ, and Weed.

Prog-Scure: Show #71, November 07, 2018
Featuring music from 7 Days, Alek Darson, Ambeon, The Black Fall, Cairo (UK), Damanek, Echo, Etna, Finnforest, Godsticks, Grand Funk Railroad, Hollowmind, Jump, L’Engoulevent, Locomotive, Mad Curry, Medina Azahara, Negus, Neo Prophet, Pink Floyd, Rick Miller, Starbreaker, and Terra Nova.

Prog-Scure: Show #72, November 10, 2018
Featuring music from Aries, Chris Cuda, Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble, Dam Kat, Fibonacci Sequence, Galahad, Humanity, Jupiter’s Eye, King Crimson, Lillian Axe, Marc Bonilla, Mirthkon, Navigator, Nyl, Operation: Mindcrime, Opus of a Machine, Pacific Drift, Perihellium, ReinXeed, Thursaflokkur, Tugs, and Vital Duo.

Prog-Scure: Show #73, November 14, 2018
Featuring music from Allen Lande, Arca Progjet, Biloxi, Clark’s Secret Identity, Disconnect, Erasmus, Fatal Destiny, Gandalf’s Fist, Head With Wings, John Mitchell, Karcius, Lard Free, Lobate Scarp, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Multifuse, Nimbus, Ocean, Pancake, Rhapsody, Robin Trower, Sailor Free, Tarja Turunen, and Una Stagione All’Inferno.

Prog-Scure: Show #74, November 17, 2018
Featuring music from 24k, AElementi, Ambergris, Bubu, Discordia, Eyevory, First Aid, Gravity Rain, Haikara, Jan Hammer, Kaos Moon, Lava Engine, Magnitude 9, Mike Rutherford, Numen, Om, Pandora Snail, PinioL, Ring Of Fire, Sacrum, T (Thomas Thielen), and Wolfmother.

Prog-Scure: Show #75, November 21, 2018
Featuring music from Alusa Fallax, The Ars Supernova, Bernd Noske, Cosmos, Damian Wilson, Emerald Lies, Goliath, Human 2.0, Jelly Fiche, Kotipelto, Lightspeed, Mezquita, Mr. Mister, Nemezis, Oberon, Ollocs, Pinguin, Plackband, Qumma Connection, Rata Blanca, Santana, Thunderstone, and Veni Domine.

Prog-Scure: Show #76, November 24, 2018
Featuring music from Amazon, Blacklands, Color Humano, David Gilmour, Dixie Dregs, Eldberg, Eris Pluvia, Farpoint, Glorious Wolf, Henry Cow, Laura Meade, Mice on Stilts, Myriad, Nebula, Outlander, Parzival, Public Foot the Roman, Quarto Astral, Rayburn, Real Eyes, Spaceslug, Tad Morose, and Viriditas.

Prog-Scure: Show #77, November 28, 2018
Featuring music from Awaiting Dawn, Bjorn Riis, Cats in Space, CiDevant, Devil Electric, Emerald Mind, Greylevel, Halo Tora, Iman Califato Independiente, Kaleidoreal, Lumerians, MonnaLisa, The Moody Blues, Northwind, Odyssee, Planet P, Proportions, Rebekka, Symphony, Three Seasons, Time, and Vvlva.

Prog-Scure: Show #78, December 01, 2018
Featuring music from AtmOsfear, Backwood Spirit, Church of the Cosmic Skull, Coshish, Dennis DeYoung, Elysium Theory, Fleetwood Mac, Ghiribizzi, Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate, Joseph Magazine, Masterplan, Missing Link, Nebelnest, Overture (IT), Pax Romana, Pulsar, Ripaille, Ruby The Hatchet, Seven Day Hunt, Tasavallan Presidentti, Trees, and Welcome Inside The Brain.

Prog-Scure: Show #79, December 05, 2018
Featuring music from Anthony Phillips, Archangelica, Black Country Communion, Contemplator, Crazy World, Detective, Eclat, The Frank Flight Band, Ghost Circus, Hittman, L’Anima, Methodica, Moebius Cat, Need, Oregon, The Parlour Band, Popol Vuh (NO), Robert Wyatt, Sahara, Tabula Rasa, Toy Matinee, and Victim of Illusion.

Prog-Scure: Special #4, Part 1, December 12, 2018
In Part 1 of “Musical Family Tree: Deep Purple,” a special and extended Prog-Scure episode, hear material by Deep Purple and related artists, including Billy Cobham, Black Sabbath, Captain Beyond, Colosseum II, David Coverdale, Dixie Dregs, Gillan, Hughes/Thrall, Ian Gillan, Ian Gillan Band, James Gang, Joe Lynn Turner, Kansas, The Michael Schenker Group, Moxy, Paice Ashton Lord, Rainbow, Tommy Bolin, Trapeze, Warhorse, Whitesnake, and Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force.

Prog-Scure: Special #4, Part 2, December 15, 2018
In Part 2 of “Musical Family Tree: Deep Purple,” a special and extended Prog-Scure episode, hear material by Deep Purple and related artists, including Black Country Communion, Blackmore’s Night, Brazen Abbot, California Breed, Coverdale/Page, Don Airey, Empire, Flying Colors, Gary Moore, George Lynch, Glenn Hughes, Hughes Turner Project, Iommi/Hughes, Mother’s Army, Nikolo Korzev, Purpendicular, Rated X, Scott Rolef, Steve Morse Band, Sunstorm, and WhoCares.