Axe – Axe (1979)

Axe_14 out of 5 Stars!

I stumbled upon this album the other day and realized I hadn’t heard it since the ’80s. And isn’t it funny regarding the memory banks of the mind? When I put on the album, I couldn’t believe I remembered every single song, actually mouthed some of the lyrics, almost as if I had heard the damned thing only weeks ago instead of decades.

Anyway, that says a lot regarding not only the capacity of the human mind, but the memorability of the tracks on offer here. “Life’s Just an Illusion,” “Sympathize,” “Back on the Streets,” and “You’re Out of Line” are all top-notch tunes, the melodies ringing in my ears long after the songs end, while “Battles” is nothing short of brilliant.

Therefore, this debut is an enjoyable release (and obviously a memorable one), with catchy Hard Rock/AOR material, plus a touch of Pomp-Rock, from a Florida band that should have gotten huge recognition.

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