Dreamscape – 5th Season (2007)

Dreamscape_5thSeason4 out of 5 Stars!

Although this German group released numerous albums of high-quality Prog-Rock/Prog-Metal since the late ’90s, Dreamscape could never seem to create a consistent sound for itself due to the revolving door of lead vocalists and musicians contributing from one album to the next.

Regardless, 5th Season (no shock, the band’s fifth studio release) is one of my favorite albums by the group, with either its third or fourth singer—I lost count by this time. But thanks to the well-rounded production, often-dazzling and creative musicianship, and wildly elaborate arrangements found on tracks such as “Deja Vu,” “Fed Up With,” “Phenomenon,” “Point Zero,” and the nearly fifteen-minute epic title track, the music will likely appeal to fans of diverse Prog-Rock/Prog-Metal groups such as Dream Theater, Section A, Altura, Circus Maximus, Subsignal, Poverty’s No Crime, Symphony X, etc.

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