The Flower Kings – Space Revolver (2000)

FlowerKings_SpaceRevolver4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Another one of my favorite Progressive bands of the more modern age, Sweden’s The Flower Kings kept me riveted, especially when it came to the band’s earlier albums. The talented act was nothing if not amazingly prolific, at least in its first ten years of existence, especially considering it was led (and formed) by Roine Stolt, an exceptional guitarist and songwriter and the instigator of what seems like dozens of side projects (including the “supergroups” Transatlantic and Karmakanic, as well as Agents of Mercy, Kaipa, The New Grove Project, etc.), which all seem to bear his “sound stamp.”

Containing both short and mid-length tunes, along with a trio of ten-minute-plus epics, Space Revolver is one of my favorites by the band, with music heavily influenced by a host of acts such as Genesis, Yes, Gentle Giant, and the like. The often jazzy nature of numerous passages also brings to mind both Canterbury Scene Prog bands from the ’70s, along with The Tangent, another band in which Stolt had involvement several years after this album’s release.

Regardless, for any Prog-Rock lover unfamiliar with The Flower Kings, I urge you to investigate the band’s rather vast back catalogue forthwith.

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