GNP – Safety Zone (1989)

GNP_SafetyZone3.5 out of 5 Stars!

Safety Zone, the single album by GNP (aka Gilmour Negus Project) is a collection of tracks created by two longtime members of the legendary Canadian Prog-Rock group Saga (keyboardist Jim Gilmour and drummer Steve Negus) along with vocalist Robert Bevan.

But unlike a typical Progressive-leaning album by Saga, the music on Safety Zone is instead AOR/Pomp Rock material, a musical landscape similar in many respects to groups such as Toto, Asia, Mr. Mister, and Ambrosia, with just a touch of (no surprise) Saga influences. In other words, highly polished, commercial and melodic tunes with an emphasis on (again, no surprise) keyboards.

While various studio musician “guest stars” provide additional instrumentation—most notably guitarist John Albani (Wrabit/Lee Aaron)—the music again relies heavily on Gilmour’s extensive keyboard skills, and is generally likeable and catchy, if not unremarkable overall.

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