The J. Geils Band – Live! Blow Your Face Out (1976)

JGeils_LiveBlowYourFaceOut4.5 out of 5 Stars!

Live! Blow Your Face Out is easily one of my favorite live albums of all time, displaying Boston’s The J. Geils Band at its peak and in its true element, rockin’ out and funkin’ out to an adoring audience.

On high-energy versions of songs such as “Musta Got Lost,” “So Sharp,” “Love-Itis,” “Southside Shuffle,” “Detroit Breakdown,” “Back to Get Ya,” “(Ain’t Nothing’ but A) Houseparty,” the haunting “Chimes,” and of course, the hit “Give It to Me,” you can practically hear the perspiration trickling from the foreheads of all band members to the stage as they dish out classic after classic of soulful R&B tracks, with each instrument, especially Magic Dick’s spectacular harmonica, wailing up a storm. And all the while, singer Peter Wolf uses his exceptional skills as a former DJ to rile up the crowd into a frenzy between each song, making for nothing short of a huge and rip-roaring affair.

Nope, there ain’t nothing but a house party here, and done the J. Geils way. Simply electric!

(RIP to Mr. J. Geils himself…the world is gonna miss you!)

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