Khallice – The Journey (2003)

Khallice_Journey4 out of 5 Stars!

Khallice, a talented band from Brazil, released only a single album in 2003 before sadly vanishing.

The Journey is a collection of spirited and highly complex Prog-Metal, with blazing guitar riffs, manic keyboard solos, thundering rhythms, and the band’s vocalist, with his wide range, belting out the lyrics like a champ.

While listening to various tracks on The Journey, I couldn’t help thinking that fans of groups such as Superior, Circus Maximus, Andromeda, Dream Theater, and Spheric Universe Experience would certainly enjoy much of the music on offer here.

Indeed, the band’s potential for greatness is apparent in spades on diverse and intense tunes such as “Turn the Page,” “Thunderstorm,” “Stuck,” “Spiritual Jewel,” “Loneliness,” and “Vampire,” so it’s unfortunate Khallice issued no additional material. Yet at least this single album is a clue to what might have been, so is worthy of investigation for lovers of the genre.

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