Lillian Axe – Psychoschizophrenia (1993)

LillianAxe_Psychoschizophrenia4 out of 5 Stars!

I always felt Louisiana’s Lillian Axe one of the better melodic “hair bands” to have emerged during the late ’80s, but believed the group didn’t truly hit its stride, didn’t locate its true musical path or reach its full potential, until its loud-and-driving fourth album came along.

On Psychoschizophrenia, Lillian Axe tosses aside the hairspray and the “just want to have a party” attitude and gives its sound/style a major revamp, creating a darker, “less immediate” album, one more progressive, free of the “hair-metal” genre’s worst clichés, and displaying some welcome maturity.

Yes, here I felt the band became a truly “serious outfit,” yet unfortunately, this album also ended up being the band’s last truly successful release. A shame, since I yearned for more of this particular style from them.

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