Lords of Black – II (2016)

LordsOfBlack_24 out of 5 Stars!

Lords of Black’s second release is basically a continuation of the same type of music from the debut album—dense and punchy, solid and kick-ass Power Metal (with a slight Progressive and Neoclassical bent) in a style similar to groups such as Masterplan, Thunderstone, Ride The Sky, Astral Doors, Kamelot, and Beyond Twilight.

The band’s robust singer, Ronnie Romero, has a voice from the same “school of rock” as Jorn Lande, Ronnie James Dio, Nils Patrik Johansson, and Bjorn Jansson, so it came as no great surprise to learn that Romero had been hired to front the newest line-up of Rainbow.

Now I’m only praying Romero’s role in Rainbow doesn’t screw with Lords of Black’s plans since I would love to see a third album from this group in the not too distant future.

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