Ram Jam – Ram Jam (1977)

RamJam_13.5 out of 5 Stars!

Ram Jam is a generally forgotten band with a strong underlying Southern Rock influence…odd, especially since the band originated in New York City, about as far away from Dixieland in sight and sound and style as one can get.

Regardless, I had purchased the band’s debut album when it originally came out in ’77, thanks to the fun hit single “Black Betty,” but throughout the past decades had forgotten much of the album’s remaining content. After listening to the album recently, however, I realized just how underrated the album (and band) truly was, with both Southern Rock and Blues Rock (Boogie Rock) influences shining through.

Now, in retrospect, this album seems almost a merging of groups such as heavier versions of Rolling Stones with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Foghat, along with the style of more modern acts such as The Black Crowes and The Quireboys rounding out the overall sound.

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