Hand – Kintsugi (2014)

Hand_Kintsugi2 out of 5 Stars!

I felt this a rather strange merging of Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Gothic Rock, and Alternative Rock with a female lead vocalist. Can’t quite pinpoint a specific style.

And upon listening to the album, I can’t say I was too impressed. The mishmash of styles doesn’t gel for me at all, but gives the album a rather disjointed feel, leaving me a tad unnerved. Additionally, the lack of diverse melodies, with the vocalist sticking to a limited range of notes (basically the same two octaves), and her slightly off-key delivery on several lines (along with some weird phasing effects on her voice), and some noisy production on several tracks as well as some (intentional?) discordant guitars, etc., also adds to the off-putting feel of the album.

Bottom line?…I doubt I will investigate further into this band’s back catalogue.

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