Slamer – Nowhere Land (2006)

Slamer_NowhereLand5 out of 5 Stars!

I’ve been a big fan of Terry Brock, singer extraordinaire, since I “discovered” him fronting the excellent AOR band Strangeways.  That band put out several “must-have” albums for any fan of melodic rock (ala Journey, The Babys, Survivor, etc.) and Terry’s voice was definitely the highlight. The guy certainly has a way with melody, and his wide range always came off highly polished.  (Rumor had it that he was a possibility to replace Ian Gillan in Deep Purple, but that would have been a HUGE mistake had it happened…good for his career, perhaps, but it would have been a mismatch…this guy has a style best suited for this form of music, not Deep Purple.)  Anyway, when I discovered this new band Slamer, led by Mike Slamer (lauded guitarist from City Boy and Streets), and realized Terry Brock was also the vocalist, I just knew this album would be good.

OK, I was wrong…the album is GREAT!

Certainly the style of music might have been better suited for the late 70s/early 80s, but frankly, I’m sick of “modern music” and “rap” and all the other supposed “music” being churned out these days for the “kids.”  I have long-yearned for the old days of actual melodic rock, with gigantic choruses, sizzling guitar riffs, and a nice keyboard atmosphere over a tight rhythm section. Stadium rock, if you will. That is EXACTLY what is on offer here.

Most of the tracks here are memorable after only a listen or two, and a few of them are KILLER (better than anything the aforementioned Journey or The Babys or Survivor ever released). I daresay this album almost puts the old Strangeways masterpiece albums Native Sons and Walk In The Fire to shame.  Listen to “Jaded” a few times and don’t be surprised when it runs through your head all day long.  The same goes for “Perfect Circle,” “Higher Ground,” “Nowhere Land,” and the album’s wonderful closer “Superstar.”  Some ballads, some rockers, some melodic rock mixed with a hint of progressive-sounding keyboards and arrangements.  This is EXCELLENT material performed by stellar musicians and one of the most underrated (and unknown) singers of all time!

Get The Album Now!

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