Twelfth Night – Collector’s Item (1991)

12thNight_CollectorsItem4.5 out of 5 Stars!

In the early ’80s, Twelfth Night popped onto the music scene during the “New Wave Of Progressive Rock” era in England, right alongside Marillion, Pallas, IQ, and a host of other interesting acts.

I thought the band showed great promise, especially with Geoff Mann, a vocalist in the same general sphere as Peter Gabriel (Genesis) and Fish (Marillion), only with an even more dramatic/theatrical style, and understandably an acquired taste for some people.

Personally, though, I enjoyed him, and on Collector’s Item (a compilation album), the tracks “We Are Sane,” “Sequences,” “The Collector,” and “Creepshow” (among several others) are all excellent pieces of lengthy and complex Prog-Rock, each masterpieces in their own respects, rivaling classic Genesis in my opinion and each holding a special place in my memories.

Sadly, Geoff left the band after only a handful of years/albums and although a new singer came aboard, nothing much happened with the band afterward. Too bad, since during its early years, Twelfth Night was both fun and creative.

(And to Geoff Mann…RIP.)

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