A Secret River – Colours of Solitude (2014)

SecretRiver_ColoursSolitude3.5 out of 5 Stars!

Swedish band A Secret River released its first album several years ago, a fine collection of Neo-Prog music, yet mixed with a healthy dose of AOR, seeming as if a slick group such as Toto had incorporated some of the mellower, more pastoral elements of artists such as Genesis, Neal Morse, or Camel into its overall style.

Melodies are typically mesmerizing and the atmospheres moody, while the instrumentation (such as the band’s use of electric piano, gentle organ, and rounder synth tones) is often delicate and never too “in-your-face.”

Simultaneously, some jazzier elements frequently pop up when it comes to the rhythms and some of the nimble guitar, bass, or keyboard fills, which adds even more spice to the band’s sound.

To me, the album’s title and matching cover art perfectly reflect the music on offer here…nothing too rollicking or complex or harsh, just mature performances, accessible musical arrangements, and unadulterated melodies, a varicolored tapestry of musical styles to internally savor.

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